10 Most Expensive Cities In The World

10 Most Expensive Cities In The World

What is the actual definition of expensive? Some people would whatever costs you a lot of money. But I don’t agree to this explanation. It depends on individual perception.

Something which is expensive to me may not look expensive to you. But there is something which is actually expensive to all people of the world.

10 Most Expensive Cities In The World


10. Los Angeles, United States of America

When it comes to talking about an expensive city, we should definitely think about America. They never forget to keep their mark. That’s why Los Angeles is in the 10th position in our countdown. In Los Angeles 57 SQ meter property will cost you around $1m. Yes, that’s how you define expensive.

Los Angeles, United States of America
  1. Paris, FranceOnly 50 SQ meter of a property will cost you around $1m in the most romantic city of the world
Paris, France
  1. Shanghai, China
    Maybe their labor cost is low, but their property cost is expensive. You need $1m to buy 48 so meter property in shanghai, china.
Shanghai, China
  1. Sydney, AustraliaHistorically popular place Sydney is in the 7th position of our countdown. Like their extraordinary accent, Australia made an extraordinary mark in expensiveness. In Sydney 41 SQ meter of residential property will cost you $1m.
Sydney, Australia
  1. Geneva, Switzerland
    After watching lord of the rings, I understood why Geneva is expensive. It is the most beautiful city in the world. I won’t even hesitate to expend money over a property in Geneva. But not the luxury one. Because per 39 SQ meter of a luxury property will cost you $1m in Geneva.
Geneva, Switzerland
  1. Singapore
    Singapore is the one of the most developed city in the world. They have developed in every aspect. That’s why Singapore is in the 5th position of our countdown. It’s the city where 39 SQ meter of real estate costs $1m.
  1. New York, United States of America
    New York is the land of opportunities. It’s the place for workaholics. That’s why new York doesn’t come in cheap. Only 34 SQ meter of property space in New York will cost you $1m.
New York, United States of America
  1. London. England

Yes, we are talking about one of the most ancient city of the world. London is the most populous city of England. And it is in the 3rd position of our countdown. London is the city where $1m will get you only 21 SQ meter of property.

London. England
  1. Hong Kong
    Hong Kong is famous for natural harbor and skyline. Not only that it’s also renowned for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. $1m will buy you only 20 SQ meters of real estate.
Hong Kong
  1. Monaco, France
    Yes, France is back in the countdown. Monaco is the most expensive city in the world. The natural beauties have taken this place to a whole new level. It will cost you $1m to buy 17 SQ meter of property in Monaco. That’s why Monaco is in the 1st position of our 10 most expensive cities in the world list.
Monaco, France

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