10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Own

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Own

Dogs are a man’s best friend and the best ones don’t come for free. In fact they are sometimes costlier than any other fascination that a person can have. The rarest and the best dog breeds are really expensive. The price is high because of many reasons besides being a rare breed. These include kennels, health issues, survival of a puppy, adaptation to the local environment and care.

Having an expensive puppy is a trend in the US. Trust us when we say having an expensive dog is worth the money. These cost will vary on even the location and the breed plays the vital role.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive dog breeds to own.

  1. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound is a pretty expensive dog to own but the cost of having it is really lower than other dogs. The tallest of dogs will blow your mind away with the appearance. They are known for their athletic ability and endurance running. If you are a fan of the hounds in general, this is the dog that you can get for a cheaper price than other breeds. The commanding appearance have earned it an Irish proverb, saying “Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.”

Irish Wolfhound
  1. Saluki
    If you are looking for a dog that will be perfect for a show, the Saluki is the breed you might look for. They look thin but they are actually great hunters. The graceful dog has shaggy hair in the perfect spots and will be an eye catcher. A smooth body and a slim figure has helped it get great notice in the dog shows. This dog is definitely one of the most expensive one to own.
  1. Pharaoh Hound
    Known to be found in the nation of Malta, this breed of dog has earned itself the position of a national animal there. The dog is named “Rabbit Hound” there because they are used for rabbit hunting. This hound looks elegant and graceful but they are fierce, athletic and powerful as well.
Pharaoh Hound

A popular myth surrounding the Pharaoh hound is that they are the descendant of the Egyptian hunting dog named Tesem. The fascinating thing about these hounds is that their ears and nose turns a profound rose color when they are happy and excited.

  1. Akita
    Akitas’ look majestic and elegant. Originating in Japan, they are known for their successful shows and also known as therapy dogs. They have thick body hairs and has a posh and rich look. The Akita is a great dog to own as they are courageous, bold and steals the show for their beautiful looks.

Akita is a cute and playful dog. Having a puppy and bringing it up will give you the elegance you deserve. The national dog of Japan has earned various roles in movies and animated cartoons. They like to be clean all the time. It’s known that they clean their mouth after they eat. This dominant dog is cuter than most others and should always have a place in the most expensive dogs to own.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff
    The massive Tibetan Mastiff is widely popular for their appearance in memes that has been viral in facebook. This massive creature also has a heavy price tag. This elegant and royal kind of dog has a double lair of fur and is really obedient. This dog looks powerful and is known for their watchfulness.
 Tibetan Mastiff

This dominant dog is one of a kind and can grow into something you’ve never imagined. The graceful puppy becomes a guard dog and can produce fear in your enemies. They will protect their guardians from everything. This guard dog can even bring down a leopard if it gets angry. They are big boned and definitely one of the most expensive dog to own.

  1. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is known for their robust figures and dominant nature. This is the dog that your local police use in busting druggies and protection. The Rottweiler has a protective nature as they are a breed of herding dog as well.


They are the oldest of the herding breed is a perfect companion for you. They are known to be the descendants of the roman drover dogs.

  1. Lowchen

Originating in Germany, this dog’s name means Little Lion there. The Lowchen has really impressive furs and the fluffy little dog is widely popular being a toy dog. It will fit right into your lap. This is a posh dog and has the price tag for it. This is one of the rarest breed of dog in the world and that is why you would have to pay a hefty amount of money for it.


Having a fuzzy hair and getting it a lion cut will get into the top position in a dog show. Celebrities mostly own this breed of dog. They are friendly, cute and happy dog. They are usually quiet and doesn’t like to be left alone.

  1. Chow Chow
    Placing as the top 3 of the 10 most expensive dogs to own, it’s one of the cutest and fuzziest breed of dog. Originating in china this breed is known as the fluffy lion dog. They are found as the guardians of Buddhist temple.The amazing thing is they are known as working dog and this little dog packs a lot of power in their bark. They are great for dog shows and the fluffy hair makes it remarkable.
     Chow Chow
  1. English Bulldog
    Any dog enthusiasts knows the English bulldog. This little powerhouse are loveable and gentle. The English bulldog places in the top costly dogs list. They are elegant and playful. Most popular dog breed in the America is also a loyal and is a great guardian.
English Bulldog

They are muscular in build and can grow up to be a medium sized dog. The pushed in nose, polished fur and powerful build makes them one of the most expensive dogs.

  1. Samoyed
    Elegance and beauty may have been based on this Siberian dog. This is the best dog that money can get you. Excelling in agility, appearance, weight pulling, sledding, herding and being a companion, the Samyoed is the breed for every person with an enthusiasm for dogs. They are bright, alert and they have weather resistant furry coat.

Their eyes, ears, coat and standing position makes sure that it earns the highest place in a dog show. Though their friendliness puts them as a poor guard dog but they are a very diligent at watch. They are excellent companions for children and they remain playful at an old age. This happy and joyful dog has earned itself the title of being the “Happy dog”. This puts them on the top ranking of the 10 most expensive dogs to own.

They are excellent companions for children and they remain playful at an old age. This happy and joyful dog has earned itself the title of being the “Happy dog”. This puts them on the top ranking of the 10 most expensive dogs to own.

These dogs may be expensive but they are surely worth every dollar. These rare and elegant breed of dogs are playful, powerful, fierce and gentle when they are stroked. You might want to go through all the things you need to do to own these beautiful creatures. They need to be petted and cared for and they need the greatest home they deserve.


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