Best Above Ground Pools Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Above Ground Pools Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide

I had a pure affection for pools. In a summer day, swimming in a pool is something that can’t be described with words. Its fun, it’s relaxing and it is something you always wish to have.

Therefore, last week my twins wished to have a pool in their yard. But in-ground pools are costly and hard to maintain. Then suddenly the idea of above ground pool hit my brain. Somehow those above ground pools are easy to install, maintain and even those can be carried anywhere you wish to. But purchasing one from this humongous list is quite severe.

I somehow manage to pick the best one for my small family. And it made our weekend incredible. However, while picking one for my family, I enlist some of the best above ground pools of this year.

That’s why today I am here with my topic best above ground pools 2017. Hope this will help you a lot to pick the most suited one for your family. I also add a short buying with this article. Read it thoroughly, it will help you a lot, I promise!

Best Above Ground Pools Reviews 2017

Since above ground pools are incredible fun and the popularity is high as well, finding the best above ground pool from a humongous number of options is quite severe. That’s why I managed a list after a full month’s research, study and market survey. I will provide the reviews in two categories. Hope this will help you out.

Hard Sided above Ground Pools

Hard sided pools are effective and durable no confusion on that. Those are constructed with steel frameworks and side walls usually fitted with resin. Therefore, most of the hard sided pools come with circular or oval shapes. Those models are sturdier and more durable but you have to take much pain while installing those items. however, let me show you the best hard sided pool reviews at a glance.

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

Meet one of the largest above ground pool that is constructed with strength. It is an ultra frame pool with durable steel frames. The frame is also powder coated that offers the rust resistant facility. Therefore, it is a beauty. It has a huge water flow rate of about 364 gallons per hour and it can fill in about 90 minutes.

The Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool comes with sand filter pump, saltwater system, ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, deluxe maintenance kit and volleyball set.

It has super tough laminated sidewalls and the efficient drain plug that can be connected with the garden hose. So, water can drain away from the house area easily. It is the ultimate choice for big families and friend

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set 28375EH



Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set Key Features

  • Includes Hydro Aeration Technology
  • Power coated durable steel frames included
  • Needs only 90 minutes to completely fill up
  • Can keep about 364 gallons of water
  • Comes with Krystal clear Filter pump and Saltwater system
  • Features super tough laminated PVC sidewalls
  • Has New dual suction outlet fittings

Heritage TA 301552GP-DXP Taos Complete Above Ground Pool

Need a luxurious above ground pool for your large family and friends? Have close look at this Heritage TA 301552GP Above Ground Pool. It is extremely well made and strong enough to last for a couple of years. Therefore, it features perma 25 series all weather vinyl overlap liner and swirls print bottom. So, it stays stable and suitable for use in any weather.

Therefore, it comes with heavy duty resin ladder and flips up an anti-entry staircase with an anti-entrapment barrier. The pump and filter are stunning. It will provide you the feel of in-ground pool in your budget range.

Heritage TA 301552GP-DXP Taos

Heritage Taos Complete Above Ground Pool Key features 

  • Has galvanized steel ledge of about 7 inch
  • Sand filter with 1 hip motor
  • Safety twist lock plug included
  • Has all weather vinyl overlap liner
  • Features swirl print bottom

Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

The Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set is my personal favorite. It is sturdy and well built. It comes with Krystal Clear Sand filter pump that ensures clear and sparkling water experience. It can hold a large amount of water and it is triple time stronger than other existing models.

It comes with strong super tough laminated sidewalls. The sidewalls have all round band that keeps frame leg sturdy and in place. Therefore, the entire pool needs about an hour to fill up. For the small families, this one is the ultimate best above ground pool in the market. Also, it is the best above ground pool for the money as well.

Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set Key Features

  • Features new dual suction outlet fittings
  • Also, features super tough laminated sidewalls
  • Has all round band in the sidewalls
  • Comes with Krystal clear sand filter pump
  • Includes ladder and ground cloth as well

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

Another best above ground pool from Intex is waiting to boost your mind up. You will be amazed after watching the description of this pool. It comes with Super-Tough laminated PCV sidewalls as well. Therefore, it also comes with Krystal Clear Cartridge filter pump that will provide you the refreshing and clean water experience.

The Intex Metal Frame Pool set features ground circuit interrupter that shuts off the pump when electrical current is exposed to water. Therefore, it contains a decent amount of water and includes drain plug that can be connected with the garden hose. So, you can easily drain away water from your house area. It is suitable for small families and for few peoples. Therefore, nobody can provide you such quality within this price range.

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set Key features

  • Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls;
  • Krystal clear cartridge filter pump to enjoy clean, refreshing water
  • Equipped with the ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Convenient drain plug that connects
  • New dual suction outlet fittings

Soft Sided Above Ground Pools

Now it’s time for you to have a look, on the best soft sided above ground pool reviews. Mostly soft sided pools are made of synthetic fiber, polyvinyl chloride, plastic, tarpaulin and rubber materials. Those models are easy to set up and stored, easy to maintain and if you are on a tight budget, those are the best above ground pools for you. have a look.

Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set

It is one of the best soft sided above ground pool for the large families. However, it has ground fault interrupter included that provides ultimate safety and shuts off the pump instantly when electrical current exposed to water. Therefore, the entire pool can ready to swim in about 30 minutes. It has a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump that ensures the superior clarity of the water.

Therefore, Intex Soft Sided above Ground Pool comes with Ladder, ground cloth, and pool covers as well. It is easy to install and even store. However, this pool is lightweight and efficiently portable.

Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set

Intex Easy Set Pool Set Key Features

  • Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls included
  • The pool fill in about 30 minutes
  • Comes with ground cloths and Debris cover
  • Drain plug included
  • Offers new dual suction
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool Set

Well, are you wondering why it’s Intex over and over again? Actually, in the industry of Above Ground Pool Intex is the Godfather! Nobody has the ability to beat their quality. This one is another best soft sided above ground pool from Intex that comes at a reasonable price range. However, the pool fills in about 15 minutes.

It comes with dual suction outlet fittings that boost up the water circulation to the next level. Therefore, the PCV sidewall is super tough and has the ability to last for several years.

The order also comes with a durable ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. It is entirely safe to use as well.

Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool Set

Intex Easy Set Pool Set Key features

  • Equipped with the Ground Fault Interrupter,
  • Entirely safe to use
  • Fill with water in about 15 minutes
  • Comes with Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump,
  • 1,000 gph (110-120V).
  • Offers a durable Ladder, ground Cloth, and Debris Cover
  • Comes with Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls
  • Latest dual suction outlet fittings included

Intex 10ft X 30in Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set

This model from the Intex already overwhelmed the mind of various customers. According to some of the customers, this one is the life saver in summer days. Actually, it is another best above ground pool for the money.

The Intex Ocean Reef Pool comes with an 110-120 filter pump and amazingly it can be ready in about 10 minutes. However, it has dual suction outlet fittings that ensure outstanding water circulation and provides hygienic and clear water as well.

For the smaller families out there this one is a must have above ground pool. It is durable, it is sturdy, has all the features included, super simple to install and so on. Now tell me what more do you want from an above ground pool in this price range? Pick and enjoy your summer days with your family.

Intex 10ft X 30in Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set

Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set Key Features

  • Comes with an 110-120 volt filter pump
  • Very easy to install
  • Fill with water in about 10 minutes
  • Laminated PVC sidewalls included that is super tough
  • Has 330 gallon per hour flow rate.
  • Features Convenient drain plug
  • Water capacity of about 1,018 gallons

Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

Yet another best above ground pool from the Intex. It is one of the best above ground pool for the smaller families. Therefore, Intex offers this model in a very inexpensive price range. But they don’t compromise with the quality.

The Intex Pool with Filter Pump is super easy to install and maintain. Therefore, it is portable so you can carry it wherever you wish to. It also has all the features included like the above one. Therefore, it ensures hygienic and clear water supply. The sidewalls are super tough so it can last for years without any extra issues.

An 110-120 volt filter is included with the pool and for make, the installation super simple they provide a DVD as well. The flow rate is also incredible as well of about 330 gallons per hour.  It is what you are looking for! Don’t hesitate and don’t think much just pick this one and enjoy your weekends.

Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set

Intex Easy Set Pool Set Key features

  • Dual suction outlet fittings
  • Efficient drain plug
  • Easy installation
  • Portable
  • An 110-120 volt filter pump is included
  • Fill with water in 10 minutes
  • Sturdy laminated PVC sidewalls included

That’s all for the reviews. Pick one, but after reading the complete buyers guide. Otherwise, you can make the worst deal of your life.

Best above Ground Pools: Ultimate Buying Guide

Have patience buddy! Learn as much as possible. Immediate decisions often lead you to the wrong place. Therefore, as you are going to purchase an above ground pool, doesn’t make a fast decision. However, you will find lots of options with various quality and features. It is easy to feel confused.

But I already provide you the best above ground pool options. You can pick one from that list but not before read the entire article. As, after reading this portion you will be able to judge whether your selected model is suitable for you or not.

However, every good above ground pool must meet with some features. And before purchasing an above ground pool you have to consider them first. Also, you have to consider some basic factors as well. Let me show you those things you should consider before making a deal.

Consider the type first

You will find lots of above ground pool models in the market. You have to select which one you wished to buy and which one is suitable as well. Usually, soft sided above ground pools are easy to install and they are portable as well. On the other hand, hard-sided above ground pools are complex to set up but those last more than soft sided one. One of the best benefits of soft sided above ground pool is portable and you can carry it effortlessly with you.

So pick the one according to your need.

Think about the Suitable Shape

Therefore, while thinking to buy an above ground pool another most essential thing is to consider the shapes. Most above ground pools come with circle, oval, rectangle or even in square shapes. What you want to do in an above ground pool that should be on your consideration. For example, if you wish an above ground pool for exercising then it would be wiser to pick a rectangular shape.

So, consider your need and then pick one shape that suited you the most.

Addition features to consider

There are some additional features you have to watch closely while buying an above ground pool. Most of the above ground pools come with a ladder. See whether the ladder is durable or not. Mostly ladder is made with durable steel and resin materials.

You will see the filter with your above ground pool that makes the water clear and hygienic. Watch the filter whether it can clean the water completely or not.

Therefore, most of the manufacturers provide pool cover and ground cloths as well. Don’t forget to check the durability of those products as well.

Brands to Consider

Well, there is no confusion about the matter that above ground pools are expensive a bit. So, while picking one, you should consider the best one from the best brand.

Therefore, in my reviews, you will see so many products from the Intex. You may be wondering why lots of Intex? Actually, in the industry of above ground pool, no brands can be compared with the Intex. They manufactured the most outstanding above ground pools for years. Their products are durable and include all the outstanding features as well. However, according to my opinion picking an Intex above ground pool is wiser.


When comes to the budget you will get what you pay for. It is obvious, for better quality you have to pay a bit more. Therefore, you will find lots of cheap quality products on the market with an inexpensive price range. But those will not last and provide the best performance you wished to. Better is to pick one from the above list and enjoy years after years without any hassle.

Final Words

Actually, everyone love to spend time on swimming pool but unfortunately install an in-ground pool is tough and costly. Even lots of people can’t afford one. Maintaining them is also tough.

Fortunately above ground pool invented for people like us. Those are easy to install, inexpensive and portable. If you wish to purchase an above ground pool for your family or friends, you should consider one from our list. Don’t purchase anything before reading the entire buying section. We the rich and posh team don’t want you to make any nasty deal.

Pick one wisely and have some quality time with your friends and family. Wish you an amazing weekend. Make your life more beautiful and posh. See you soon with other essential product reviews. Till then:

Love The Life you live!!!

Live the Life you love!!!

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