Best Gaming Projectors Reviews With Buying Guide

Best Gaming Projectors Reviews With Buying Guide

And Goal! Oh no! I missed!

The match was bloody close and I lost that El Clasico against Real Madrid! I don’t have any idea how much I hate to lose an El Clasico! I throw my controller and broke the monitor! Oh Shit! What did I do!

Yeah, I am a gamer! And I love to watch football too. I can’t live a single day without playing games! I needed to purchase another monitor but suddenly, an idea comes to my mind and you know ‘Mr. Creedy, ideas are bulletproof!’ why not consider a gaming projector? Yes, I have to invest a little more but I can play with full satisfaction and the best part is I don’t have to break another monitor!

In the best gaming projector, you can play your favorite games or can watch anything you like to! I know you have this knowledge already! However, as I need to invest my money so I studied a lot about gaming projectors! Finally, pick the best one I needed! But the good news is, I made a list of best gaming projector 2017! I am going to share my list with you! Hope this will help you a bit!

 Best Gaming Projectors: Our Top Selection in 2017

I doesn’t believe a true gamer can play games without a gaming projector! After an exhausting research over night, I successfully find the best 09 gaming projector in the market now. Let’s have a look.

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

Let I tell you the Optoma gt1080 projector review at first! Why? Because it is the most incredible model in the market now! This projector will change your gaming experience in such way you never imagine. It is designed especially for the serious gamers. It provides the best picture in blue-ray 1080p and pretty good in 720p. The operation is pretty quiet and the bottom line about this projector is that: you can’t be able to unhappy with this one!

Optoma gt1080 projector Key Features

  • The Screen Size Range from 4feet is 111-inches and from 6 feet 166-inches
  • Provides 2800 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1;
  • Keystone Correction: Yes
  • It features 2 x HDMI for 1.4a 3D support, MHL v1.2, Audio Out 3.5mm, 12V trigger, 3D-Sync, USB service


Sony VPLHW45ES 1080p 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector


Create the best gaming environment and cinematic experience with the Sony VPLHW45ES Theater/Gaming Projector. This one is incredibly amazing and it has all the features that a perfect projector needs. The color of this projector is outstandingly brighter and what can I say about the resolution? With the Sony’s “Reality Creation “enhancements the resolution is beyond your imagination.

 Sony VPLHW45ES Gaming Projector Key Features

  • Screen Size is 40 inch to 300 inch
  • Full HD resolution of 1920X1080
  • It has White Brightness of 1800 Lumens, Color Brightness of 1800 Lumens and Calibrated Brightness of 1315 Lumens
  • Has 6,000 hours Lamp life
  • Connectivity: HDMI (2)


BenQ HT2150ST Gaming Video Projector


The BenQ Gaming Video Projector will provide the best gaming experience you ever imagined. You can even play with your Xbox or your favorite PH4 whether you wish! It provides low input lag for superior responsiveness and the short-throw technology ensure the hassle free installation even in the smallest space. It provides full HD 1080 visual with lifelike coloring experience. While watching you will not feel like an audience rather it will make you one of the characters of the scene you are watching.

BenQ Gaming Video Projector Key Features

  • It provides full HD resolution of 1980 X 1080 visuals
  • Offers 2200 ANSI Lumens Brightness
  • Contrast ratio is about 15000:1
  • Maximum 300 of clear image size
  • It has 6 x RGBRGB color wheel
  • D-Sub, HDMlx2 connectivity included


Optoma GT760A 720p 3D DLP Gaming Projector


Presenting the best projector for the cost namely Optoma GT760A DLP Gaming. Whether you play sports game or single player shooting game in online or offline this is the projector that meets all the features you needed. This projector designed to provide 32000-lumen images and the contrast ratio is also very high of 20000:1. This projector is all about large screen gaming and Blu-ray movie viewing.

Optoma GT760A DLP Gaming projector Key Features

  • The Screen Size Range from 4feet is 105-inches and from 6 feet 159-inches
  • Features USB-B (mouse and service)
  • Provides 3200 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1;
  • Keystone Correction: Yes
  • Lens Shift: No
  • HDMI, two VGA-in, VGA-out, S-Video, composite video, audio in (3.5mm), audio-out (3.5mm)


Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector


Are you a console gamer? a frequent movie watcher? Well, the Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector is designed to meet all your needs then. You can play Xbox games, PS4 games and Bluray movies in 720 HD resolutions. It has brighter lumens you need and razor sharp texture included. Even the GT750ST will permit you to mirror with Android or iOS devices.

Optoma GT750ST  Gaming Projector Key Features

  • Has powerful short-throw lens that delivers a big picture in a small space
  • It includes a built-in media player to playback music and videos and view pictures
  • It has the facility to mirror with Android and IOS
  • Powerful LED light source provides consistent brightness over the life
  • the GT750ST doesn’t need to replace lamps


Amaz-Play Mobile LED Gaming Pico Projector


Not only for gaming, this amazing projector is designed for official use, educational purpose and for other home entertainment. It is a pocket size projector so you can easily create an environment you needed. It has the latest DPL technology and LED light source to show your pictures, playing high-resolution games and even watch movies directly from your smartphone, laptop or tablet!

Amaz-Play Mobile LED Gaming Pico Projector Key features

  • Pocket sized protector with portable design
  • Has built in 4000 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Wireless facility included
  • HDMI port included
  • Includes Latest DLP Technology
  • Features 100 lumen brightness
  • Display size up to 120 inch


EUG 3600 Lumens Portable Projector


Allow me to show you the best gaming projector that will offer you the most pleasant home theater experience. It is the best choice for movie and video game with color revivification degree that is way better than any other DLP projectors. However, this portable projector features Lanthanum optical glass lens for protecting your eyes from the straight light. It starts instantly and restarts faster than any other brand. It is one of the cheap gaming projectors that have all the features you dream off!

EUG 3600 Lumens Portable Projector Key Features

  • Brightness level is about 3600 Lumens
  • Good contrast Ratio of 4500:1
  • Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200
  • Pretty good refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Dual built-in speaker included


Optoma GT5500 1080p 3D DLP  Gaming Projector


The Optoma GT5500 is another mind blowing gaming DLP projector that is suitable for watching movies, playing games and see your favorite football match! It is full HD projector of 1080p visuals. It designed with decent bright and colorful picture quality with 3500 lumens rate and the contrast ratio is also better than you imagine.

Optoma GT5500 1080p 3D DLP  Gaming Projector Key Features

  • Provides 1080p Full HD picture Quality
  • Lumens rate is 3500
  • Contrast ratio: 25000:1
  • Best for playing online games
  • Keystone Correction: Yes,
  • Lens Shift: No


Bonus: Gaming Mobile Projector

I have another 3 best gaming projector for your mobile, Xbox and PH4! This 3 is the legend! Let’s see their reviews!

Gaming Mobile Projector

Pyle PRJG48 Gaming Projector


Let me show you the best mobile projector namely Pyle PRJG48. It is one of the smallest projectors in the market now but yet it is powerful enough to blow up your mind. The Pyle PRJG48 is pretty lightweight and offers you to make a large screen anywhere you want. You can connect it directly to your TV, Laptop, gaming console, computer even in your DVD player. Enjoy your night with this versatile projector now!

Pyle PRJG48 Gaming Projector Key Features

  • Size of the projector is 20 inches to 120 inches
  • Maximum 16GB SD card support
  • 400 Lumen brightness level
  • Aspect ratio is about 16:9
  • Portable design


Gaming Projector for Xbox

Rear 1200 Lumens Portable Gaming Projector


Let’s meet with the best projector for your Xbox well known as Rear Portable Led Projector. It is very easy to setup and has Good Video quality is way beyond your imagination. If you love to watch movies with your family and playing games also don’t overlook this one. you will regret otherwise, mark my word!

Rear 1200 Lumens Portable Gaming ProjectorKey Features

  • Has Keystone Function ±15°
  • Size is 37 inches to 130 inches
  • You can adjust the image quality as well
  • Lightweight
  • Fan doesn’t sound much
  • Has multi-function input
  • Natural Resolution 800×480 and support up to 1920×1080
  • Best for gaming with Xbox


Gaming Projector for PS4

Lumens 2500 1080P Portable Gaming Projector


No need to bother with small screen anymore. It is the best gaming projector for PH4 and waiting to blow up your mind! It provides the most incredible picture quality you dream off!  E stick portable home movie projector designed to provide high brightness and awesome HD quality of 1280×800 resolutions. It supports 720p smoothly and even 1080o! The best part is you can watch 3D quality with this one. Don’t miss!

Lumens 2500 1080P Portable Gaming Projector Key Features

  • High brightness level of 2500 Lumens
  • Provides 3D quality, 720p and 1080p resolution smoothly
  • About 200-inch large projector screen
  • Includes multiple inputs
  • Adjustable with iPhone/iPad/Macbook/Laptop/camera/Gaming console and much more


That’s it I don’t think there are any single projectors that can be compared with this 11! Those are the best 11 according to their quality and feature! Don’t miss the chance to feel that you are in the call of duty and killing your enemies!

 Best Gaming Projectors: Ultimate Buying Guide

To purchase the best projector for gaming you have to have proper knowledge about some key features! Otherwise, there is a chance that you purchase a projector that is not suitable for you!

If you are looking for an incredible gaming experience, whether it is FIFA, first person shooting or racing games you have to purchase a projector that is specially designed for gaming.

Let’s see what things you should consider while going to purchase the best gaming projector for yourself or for your close ones!


While purchasing a gaming projector one need to consider the brightness level first. For that, first, consider the brightness level of your viewing position. However, you have to consider the image size as well. Brighter projectors are almost perfect but you have to pay a bit more for that. Better start with the brightness which is essential for you and invest for lumens later if you need!


At present, many popular games offer a high dynamic color range during the dark moment in the gameplay. If you wish to watch those scenes with great clarity you need to have higher contrast ratio. Higher contrast ration even has the ability to provide a brighter image. If the contrast ration is 100,000:1 then it’s the best. However 40000:1 or 5000:1 is also fair enough.


Input lag means at the time a projector needs to create an image. If it takes much time than your gaming experience can be frustrating also controlling can be chucking. You have to purchase one with low input lag range for better performance.


There are two important technologies in projectors: DLP and LCD. DLP needs more mirrors to reflect light through a color wheel where LCD shines a light through three primary color LCD panels. DLP provides the best contrast to any projector and it has the rainbow effect. While using DLP you can sometimes see a glimpse of single color before the image fully formed. On the other hand, LCD provides the best color and pixel experience.

Refresh Rate

Per second how many time a display’s image can be refreshed is known as the refresh rate. The refresh rate is another most important factor you need to consider while going to purchase a gaming projector. In DLP projectors the refresh rate of 120Hz is available on the other hand LCD comes with more refresh rate. However, choose the best one you need.


Also, don’t overlook the resolution. Full Hd 1080p is the most effective resolution at present. For better resolution, you have to pay a bit more that is obvious!

Which types of Game you wish to Play

You need to consider which type of game you use to play a lot. Some of the gaming projector doesn’t provide the best performance while playing online games. If you usually play the online game often you need to consider a gaming projector that has good refresh ration and input lag quality.

Price Range

Now the price range! It’s obvious you have to pay a bit more money to pick the best one! However, you can be able to find a good gaming projector within 300 dollars. But if you need the quality don’t consider about the money so much!

Final Words

That’s all for today! I think I already provide all the information you needed to know about the gaming projector. Now it’s time for me to say Good-Bye! Don’t make a nasty deal. I know Gamers doesn’t make any nasty deal! As we Gamers are the smartest in the entire world!

Best of Luck!

‘I am a gamer, not because I don’t have a life but because I choose to have many.’

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