Best Grandfather Clock Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Grandfather Clock Reviews with Buying Guide

Time flies! Seems like it happened yesterday! How can I forget that ecstatic and most thrilling families get together? All of my uncles and cousins were there in my grandpa‘s place. We had the most enjoyable days of our life.

In the middle of a conversation, suddenly a deep ding dong sound came into my ear! That was so bold and everything seemed silent for a while! Yeah, that was the first time I meet with a grandfather clock! It was elegant, giant-sized and that pendulum moves like a wise scholar! That bold sound and moving pendulum place an impact on my mind that day! Though the sound can destroy the sleep of heavy sleepers like me, still I have a great attraction for those best grandfather clocks.

Personally, I am a collector. I love to collect unique and historical things. A Grandfather clock is something that can also be collect and place in your living room. What does it do in your living room? It instantly boosts the appearance of your living room and makes it elite and classy.

Therefore, that DING DONG sound of a grandfather clock can remind you those old school days. While we used to play those naughty games, we run like a bird, we lived without any stress or depression. Ahh! I feel so nostalgic every time I hear the sound of the grandfather clock. Even a grandfather clock reminds me those friends whom I used to hang out without any greed or benefits. Why have those days passed? I wanted to go back again and again!

Best Grandfather Clock Reviews 2017

If you want to have a good grandfather clock in your living room, I strongly suggest you read the entire article carefully. Here, I will discuss the best grandfather clock of 2017 reviews entirely.

If you are wondering, how can I declare those items as the best grandfather clock? Don’t forget I am a collector, therefore, I surveyed the entire market more than an ordinary people! Also, you will find it by yourself after you finished the entire article. Let’s get started.

Best Grandfather Clock for Collectors

Are you a collector? Then the price isn’t your problem! You searched for the beauty and I enlisted beauty for you. Let’s have a look on the best grandfather clock for collectors.

Howard Miller 611-031 the J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock

The Howard Miller 611-031 is classy, beautiful and elegant! Yes, it is one of the best grandfather clocks for the collectors with Windsor Cherry finish on 16 dissimilar types of exceptional woods. It is extremely impressive to look at and instantly boost up the appearance of any living room.

Therefore it has bevel front and side with large reeds as well that has carved acanthus accent moldings. However, this grandfather clock is made in the USA so no confusion about the durability.

Key features

  • It has beveled front and side glass
  • Comes with large reeds that have carved acanthus accent moldings with intricately carved acanthus column caps
  • Includes Kieninger cable-driven, triple-melody and nine-tubular chime movement as well
  • It features 36 bushings
  • Has an automatic nighttime chime shut-off option available
  • Has free brass Heirloom Nameplate where you can write your name and date

Howard Miller 610-939 Majestic II Grandfather Clock by

To provide a royal appearance in your living room the Howard miller 610-939 is the ultimate choice. The Howard Miller 610-939 Majestic II Grandfather Clock is designed with a mirrored back and bottom with three individual adjustable shelves behind that moving pendulum. It has automatic nighttime chime shut-off option available and it is also made in the USA.

Key features

  • Constructed with a mirrored back and mirrored bottom
  • Comes with three adjustable shelves
  • Has beautifully moving pendulum
  • Features Cable-driven and triple-chime Kieninger movement
  • offers automatic nighttime chime shut-off facility as well
  • You can write your name and date in free brass Heirloom Nameplate
  • Made in the USA

Howard Miller 611-138 Princeton Grandfather Clock

Let me present another best grandfather clock of 2017 namely the Howard Miller 611-138 Princeton Grandfather Clock that is finished in Hampton Cherry with hardwoods and veneers. It designed with olive ash burl patterned back and the bottom panel also the base is constructed with decorative cutout. For rich and posh appearance it is a must have the item in any living room.

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Features polished brass pendulum
  • Has triple chime harmonic movement
  • Features volume control facility
  • Has automatic nighttime chime shut-off option

Howard Miller Browman Clock

Time flies but the beauty of Howard Miller Browman Clock never dies! It is another classic addition in this best grandfather clock list. However, it has polished brass finish dial that offers corner spandrels and center disc as well. the Howard Miller Browman Clock features with Kieninger Movement that plays 1/4, 1/2and 3/4 chimes accordingly with gull chime and strike on the hour. Though it is a bit pricey but nobody can offer you such a beauty within this price range. It is a must have item for your living room.

Key features

  • It comes with polished brass finish dial
  • It has detailed corner spandrels and center disc
  • A circular brushed silver chapter ring also included
  • Has gracefully arched bonnet pediment
  • Olive ash burl and a decorative shell overlay also included
  • Cable-Driven, Westminster chime Kieninger movement plays 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 chimes accordingly with full chime and strike on the hour
  • Features automatic nighttime chime shut-off facility

Howard Miller 611-102 Neilson Grandfather Clock

The Howard Miller 611-102 Neilson Grandfather Clock comes with Bombe base and a decorative cutout. Therefore, it features cable-driven and Westminster chime Kieninger movement as well. The Howard Miller looks stunningly beautiful and as it is manufactured in USA so durability is tremendous. So far, it has nickel heirloom nameplate included and it is heirloom record certified as well. Let’s have a look on the feature too.

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Long lasting durability
  • Has Westminster Chime Kieninger movement included
  • Features automatic nighttime shut-off option available
  • Comes with nickel-finished capsule
  • It is a Cable-driven grandfather clock

Best Grandfather clock on a budget

Are you on a tight budget? Still, want a grandfather clock in your living room or in the study? Well, don’t be upset I have got some grandfather clocks that are not much pricey but definitely stylish and constructed with quality. Let’s have a look quickly.

Coaster Home Furnishings 900723 Transitional Grandfather Clock

The Coaster Home 900723 Grandfather Clock is the best grandfather clock for the price. The price is surprisingly reasonable yet the quality is tremendous. It is crafted from hardwood and veneers and the finish is medium brown as well. It provides very comforting tone and the style of this model is decently pretty.

Key Features

  • It is hardwood and veneers crafted
  • Comes with medium brown finish
  • Provides comforting tones
  • Looks stylish and impressive
  • Extremely well made

Coaster Home Furnishings 900749 Traditional Grandfather Clock

You wanted something unique but you have a tight budget? Don’t worry we will not allow your dream to break off. Here is the Coaster Home 900749 Grandfather Clock. It is an extremely impressive model with an outstanding medium brown finish and comforting tone. Therefore, it is crafted with hardwood and veneers. You can place it in your office, living room or anywhere you wanted! And it will provide an elegant appearance that’s for sure.

Key Features

  • It is hardwood and veneers crafted grandfather clock
  • Provide comforting tones
  • Has medium brown finish
  • Simple but stylish design
  • Perfect for home or office use

Daniel Dakota Oak Grandfather Clock

With sturdy construction, MDF and solid wood material the Daniel Dakota Grandfather Clock is waiting to blow your mind up! It is extremely durable and impressively beautiful to see. Place it on any dull living room and see the magic! It provides accurate hourly Westminister chime movement and shuts off automatically at night.  Therefore, it has cathedral pediment and features blue moon metal dial with roman numerals. It is designed with oval glass door and elegant metal lyre pendulum as well. the price is impressively reasonable.

Key Features

  • Provides accurate hourly Westminster Chime movement
  • Has automatic night chime shut-off feature
  • Offers Cathedral pediment and blue moon dial with roman numerals
  • It has oval glass door
  • Has elegant metal lyre pendulum
  • Made of MDF and solid wood

Coaster Home Furnishings 900721 Traditional Grandfather Clock

Personally, the Coaster Home 900721 Grandfather Clock is my favorite model. It comes with stunning design and crafted with hardwood and veneers. The finish is dark that provides deep and mysterious appearance. To make your living room class this coaster is incomparable. Therefore, it is well-built and long-lasting and the company offers it for a very reasonable price range.

Key Features

  • Provides outstanding look to any ordinary space
  • It’s a traditionally styled grandfather clock
  • Best for the price
  • Comes with dark finish
  • Hardwood and veneers crafted

1PerfectChoice Quincey Grandfather Clock

Quencey Grandfather Clock is another best grandfather clock for choosy people. It comes with Westminister chime pendulum that provides comfortable tone and accurate hour strike. Therefore, it has a dark oak finish so it is classy and durable both together. The door is made with durable glass as well.

Key Features

  • Comes with dark Oak Finish
  • Has Westminister Chime that provides comforting tone and accurate hourly strike
  • Door is designed with durable glass
  • Beautiful looking pendulum
  • Long lasting durability

Bowery Hill Grandfather Clock in Oak

The Bowery Hill Grandfather Clock comes in Oak finish. It has perfectly moving pendulum that is designed in gold color. However, it has numeral style included with Westminster chime that ensures accurate hourly strikes as well. The look is absolutely beautiful and it is amazingly long lasting as well.

Key Features

  • Well made grandfather clock
  • Has gold colored pendulum included
  • Westminster chime provides accurate hourly strike
  • Stunningly beautiful design
  • Has a beautiful design

Daniel Dakota Cherry Grandfather Clock

Make the appearance classic, elegant and rich with this Daniel Dakota Grandfather clock which is considered to be the best grandfather clock for the money. It constructed with MDF and solid wood material that ensures the stability and sturdiness of this clock. Therefore, it has Westminster chime movement that provides accurate hourly strike and cathedral pediment with blue moon metal dial makes it elite as well.

Therefore it has metal made pendulum, weights, and chains. No confusion about the quality and also the performance. Hit it and the time will run until the end!

Key Features

  • Accurate hourly Westminster chime movement tolls the hour – Automatic night shut off
  • Features Cathedral pediment, blue moon metal dial and raised roman numerals that boost the beauty of this grandfather clock
  • Comes with Oval glass door
  • Features elegant metal lyre pendulum
  • Has metal made Pendulum, weights, and chains
  • Has Real tempered glass included
  • Made of MDF & solid wood material

Final Words

That’s for the reviews. See, I said them the best grandfather clock options, I didn’t lie a bit. Those are ultimately the best grandfather clocks at present.

While buying a grandfather clock don’t forget to check it entirely. Those are usually expensive. Also, while using it don’t forget to take great care. According to some people’s belief Grandfather clocks are as old as time though it’s not firmly true. But whatsoever it is a grandfather clock so proper care is a must.

Therefore, there is an interesting tale behind the great grandfather clock. I cannot resist the temptation to share the story with you. That’s why I am adding the story below.

The Tale Behind the name of Grandfather Clock

It was many and many a year ego. There was a hotel in North Yorkshire known as the George Hotel. The hotel was directed by two bachelor brothers named Jenkins. In the lobby of that hotel, there was a pendulum clock. That clock always used to provide the most accurate time and never falling for even a second.

Then suddenly one brother died! When the first brother died, the clock started to losing time. At First, it started to lose 15 minutes per day. Many clock-smiths tried to fix the clock but they failed. After that, the clock started to lose half an hour each day. The accuracy slipped but the clock didn’t stop completely.

One day the surviving brother died as well and the clock stopped completely. Again lots of famous clock-smiths tried to fix it but they can’t. The new manager of the George Hotel than place it in a sunlit corner of the lobby and its time sleeping in the point they presumed the moment while the last Jenkins brother died. The longcase clock doesn’t keep the time at all but it placed in the hotel as the memorial of the origins.

In about 1875 an American songwriter named Henry Work visited the hotel and heard the tale of that clock. After listened to the tale and watched the clock with his own eyes he composed a song namely ‘MY Grandfather Clock.’ It gained the huge popularity that time and sold over a million copies of sheet music. From then on the longcase clock is known as the grandfather clock.

best grandfather clock

So, the game is over for today. We will meet again soon with some other effective reviews and interesting stories. Until then

Stay Rich & Posh!!!

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