Best Indoor Putting Green 2018: Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Indoor Putting Green 2018: Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide

Harry Connick Jr. said once,Golf is good, it means I get some fresh air and exercise, take my mind off work and see some of the landscape of the place I’m visiting.”

Indeed golf is the game that has the ability to boost up your mind instantly. However, in order to be a good golfer practice is the main focus point. During offseason, it is hard to practice golf every day.

Well, there is a solution to every problem including this. What is the solution? Obviously an Indoor Putting Green! The best Indoor Putting green can let you practice anytime at home. Even, if you don’t want to be a professional, just need to pass your time with some excitement, then an Indoor Putting Game is what you need.

However, you can even organize a challenging competition at your home with some of your friends. This can easily make a party exciting! But the fact is which one is the best Indoor Putting Green? Well, for that read the entire article carefully.

Best Putting Green: Our Top 8 Selection in 2018

Last week, I threw a party at my place. And I want to make the party exciting. As some of my friends have true affection for golf, I thought why not an indoor golf game? I needed to purchase an indoor putting green for that. But I am the bit choosy person and always wanted to pick the product that has no defect!

So, researched a lot and made a list. I already pick one and that provides outstanding performance in my party. Now I am sharing my list with you. Hope this will help you to pick the one you need.

That’s all about the best indoor putting green. Those are incredibly amazing no confusion on that! Now pick the one you loved most.

Big Moss Golf Putting Chipping Green

Big Moss Golf THE COUNTRY CLU Practice Putting Chipping Green


The ball will want to roll on the mat as soon as you pick the Big Moss Golf Putting Chipping Green. It is incredibly amazing with quality and performance.

The Big Moss Golf Putting Chipping Green stays flat all the time and the ball rolls outstandingly in it. However, it is also well built and the true rolling will make your practice time extraordinary.

The order comes with 2 chipping balls and it is very easy to assemble as well. Don’t miss, pick and enjoy.

Key features

  • It’s a complete chipping Mat
  • Comes with 2 chipping ball as well
  • It need to install manually
  • Durable product
  • Rolls perfectly like a bird


Big Moss Augusta Putting Green


Need the best Putting Green that is suitable for both office and home? Well, The Big Moss Augusta Putting Green is waiting to blow up your mind then.  It provides the utmost performance for learning and practicing golf at your own space. In it, the ball rolls so smother you can even imagine with True-Roll features. The putting green is perfectly portable and assembly is super easy as well.

Key features

  • Well made putting green for use couple of years
  • Comes with 4 by 12 feet
  • Completely Portable and
  • Super easy to set up
  • Features True roll down grain
  • It makes unlimited contours


Tour Links Putting Training Aid



Do you want to be the next Tiger Woods? The Tour Links Putting Training Aid is waiting to help you out. This one is specially designed to increase your golf playing skill.

It comes with two adjustable contours and also features patented technology that provides perfect speed you need. It has a practice green pin and regulation sized cup included also comes with a foot stand panel that can be adjusted for both left and right-handed player.

If you want to boost up your mental strength and golf playing skill at the same time, this putting green has no exception.

Key features

  • Designed with 5 individual panels
  • Perfect for all weather
  • Foot stand panel is adjustable for both right and left-handed player
  • Has solid surface underfoot
  • Features Groover Block, Cup Reducing Ring, Contour Mats, ball marking tool and maker
  • Easy to put on and maintain


77 tech Golf Putting Green



If you are thinking of a high-quality Putting Green then the 77tech Golf Putting Green is what you need to consider! It is a professional putting mat which can be used in both indoor and outdoor. However, it comes with 4×10 feet size with 2 sets of golf club and it is very easy to clean and use.

The 77 tech Golf Putting Green System features a premium Eva high elastic back that increase the durability of the product. The ball rolls smoother on this mat as well.

Key features

  • Comes with sturdy putting green surface specially designed for golf
  • Provides smooth playing experience
  • Has EVA elastic back included
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Easy to put on
  • Very simple to clean up


Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green



The Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green lays flat and rolls true so what do you need more? However, it is also a long lasting product that has a size of 3 by 9 feet. It features 3 practice cup cutouts and has built in sand trap cutouts that will catch the missed shots as well.

Key features

  • Made of Imported material
  • It is a kidney-shaped practice putting green that looks stylish as well
  • Has High-quality putting surface
  • It stays smooth for many years
  • Comes with true roll as well
  • Features Built-in sand trap cutouts for catching missed shots
  • Included 3 practice cup cutouts


SKLZ Accelerator Pro – Indoor Putting Green



For an accurate shot, practicing is a must. And for practicing perfectly the most outstanding indoor putting green is known as SKLZ Accelerator Pro- Indoor Putting Green. SKLZ Accelerator Pro will provide you 3 particular putting distances for practicing perfectly.

It has automatic ball return facility included reducing your effort as well.

However, the surface is also true roll and the cup has upslope feature included for acceleration.

Key features

  • Has automatic ball return feature
  • Comes with Upslope at the cup
  • Surface is true roll
  • Provides smooth gameplay
  • You can practice from 3 different distance
  • Portable and easy to put on


 P4G Ball Auto Return Putting Indoor Golf Set



Indoor Golf Set P4G Ball Auto Return Putting Mat can make any environment exciting with golf gaming experience. It will boost up your skill within a very short period of time that I can ensure you.  The design of this putting mat is portable so you can carry it wherever you wish to.

It features two individual holes, one comes in regular size and another one is small for more difficulty while practicing.  To remove your pain this Indoor Golf putting mat will return your ball automatically.

Make your practice anytime anywhere with this best putting mat!

Key Features

  • Comes with two different sized holes for different types of practice
  • Included ball return features
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • True- Roll facility ensured
  • Easy to store
  • Portable design


 Infinity Swivel Golf Putting Mat



Some of you need a putting mat that will provide extraordinary performance for a couple of years! Actually, you don’t want to invest frequently! Am I right? Well, then The Infinity Swivel Golf Putting Mat is what you are looking for! It specially designed to provide professional training experience with lots of enjoyment.

The Infinity Swivel Golf Putting Mat is designed with premium-quality material and it is made in Korea. It has non-slip Coating and the matt provides better stability than many other putting matt in the market. It is also a true roll putting matt! Use it and enjoy your game.

Key features

  • Made with premium quality material
  • Made in Korea
  • It provides track visibility with High-Tech Carpet
  • Automatic Slide ball return feature included
  • Provides adjustable Angle
  • Has non-slip coating feature available


Best Putting Green: Ultimate Buying Guide 

While researching I found some vital points that are essential to consider before buying a putting green for your indoor use. Without those basic features, your deal may waste in vain.

So, wait some minutes more and read the things you need to consider before your deal. Let’s gather some knowledge together, shall we?

Materials of Indoor Putting Green

Different types of indoor putting green designed with different materials. If you wish to purchase a texturized indoor putting green remember the base of the turf has to be scrutinized. It is better to pick a rubber base as it is stronger. Also, a rubber base will make the base in a certain position without slipping and move on the floor.

While going for a Slit-Film you have to consider the density of the fiber. Standard density starts from 5700 deniers and goes up to 7600 deniers. Lower denier provides smoother green than a higher denier. But lower denier also needs to relax more time, don’t forget that.

Consider True Roll

Straight and smooth ball rolling in the green is known as the True roll. While going to buy a putting green this is what you have to consider first. See whether there is any problem on that turf or not. If there are any unnatural breaks, grains or bumps in that green avoid purchasing that one. However, if a true roll is considered don’t forget to check the realistic bounce off the putting green as well. Check after a bounce on the green does the ball going straight or change the direction. It is also essential to consider.

Speed is essential thing to Consider

Another most important factor you need to consider while picking the putting green is speed. In an ideal putting green the ball must run smoother and provides the same speed throughout the end. if it doesn’t meet this condition then surely there is a problem in that particular putting green. Try another.

Size should be in your Consideration

You have to pick the best size according to the place where you wish to keep the putting green. Remember, you have to have enough additional space for your stance as well.

However, of you are considering a putting green for your smaller space, you can go with the 4’x10’, 5’x12’ or 6’x14’ and for larger space, you can consider 6’x12’ or 8,x17’ size putting green.


As you need to invest your money, you have to consider the lasting features as well. An ideal putting green must have last for years. Most of the well-known brands provide putting green that has the ability to last for more than 15 years. However, some best manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty as well.

Final Words

Now takes a deep breath and make the deal. You can also pick a putting green from your nearest sports shop. But it would be better to pick the one from this list. Why? Because I don’t think any other product has that much quality that those products have.

Finally, practice more if you want to be the next Tiger Woods. Or play without any stress or depress if it is just a hobby and you don’t want to be in the race.

Remember one thing,

              ‘It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling’-Mark Twain

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