Best Lacrosse Shafts 2017 with Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Lacrosse Shafts 2017 with Ultimate Buying Guide

Every time I grab some free time to watch the major league lacrosse game, nothing strikes me passionately like watching great shots in the field. I also enjoy the little bit rough encounters of the opposing teams, trying to make a pass through the goalie for that crucial score; I call it one of those adrenaline moments of the lacrosse game.

Regardless of your favorite team, one thing for a fact, coaches, officials, and even promising players agree the sport is never complete without the right lacrosse gear; not just any gear.

Lacrosse shafts have evolved over time from traditional sticks to modern technologically advanced plastic materials. The head is as important as your shaft, but it depends on the appropriate combination you can opt for, as some like going for either both separately or just buy a complete shaft.

Best Lacrosse Shafts: Top 10 Picks 2017

Remember, one lacrosse shaft might work for your fellow novice but turn out to be a whole lot of crap for you.  We (Rich and Posh) take you through an in-depth examination of the high-performance shafts; that will help you realize the most out of the contact game. They will help you keep the ball past the goalie impressively and get you good passes.

Brine Lacrosse 6065 Series Alloy Shaft

If you embrace a shaft that strikes affordability and high performance, you can opt for the Brine Lacrosse 6065 Series Alloy Shaft. I like its 6065 Series alloy handle that ensures you have a firm grip.

Players don’t want a lacrosse shaft that will slip off as they go about picking the ball of negotiating for that goalie’s pass.

More suited for players new into the game, the shaft has a body construction enabling better ball picking. This means newbies into lacrosse can quickly learn how to adapt to new skills and tactics.

I rarely buy too much into graphics of a shaft, but this one struck me most. It is fashionable and quite outstandingly impressive. This one absolute staff high mark of longevity. Intermediate defenders, midfielders, strikers and goalies will find it very useful.


  • Relatively cheap given its excellent design
  • Strong and solid for the best longevity
  • Alloy handle enhances a firm grip for griddling
  • Embraces great graphic finish


  • Seasoned players will find it not so appropriate for skill advancement




Brine King Beat Attack Shaft

If you value quality and long lasting lacrosse shafts, you have in this a top performing essential game requirement. It features a control die with a more raised grip for more perfected griddling.

The weight has been taped down to enable you to realize a more convenient and refined grip, for the best ball control, regardless of the weather condition you are playing in. The control die assumes a die shape, more relevant for the midfielder and striker. This is because it comes as one responsive shaft, thanks to its glove palm.

You keen on the gripping capability? You don’t need to worry because it comes with an ergonomic grip plus added strength. This is an assurance for more predictive moves and best picks in the field.


  • Has excellent amount of grip
  • The finishing is a great clear coat
  • The graphics embrace impressive colored ends.
  • Has responsive shaft.


  • It doesn’t come in many varieties of colors




Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Attack Apollo Shaft

To ensure you have most flexible hand motions, the Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Attack Apollo Shaft comes at a very light weight for that quick speed and reaction of the ball. You can be assured of going for your shots, passes and do some great throws for a great play.

If you are that concerned about the kind of material used to make this lacrosse shaft, it is made of a combination of scandium and titanium materials. That is an assurance of long term use, without having to go through extra costs of replacements.

For the ultimate test of the game, expect the shaft to facilitate easier speed with more concentration on the counter attack of the opponent team, given it is strong and reliable hand gripping.


  • Easier to handle for great hand motion
  • A durable body construction from scandium and titanium
  • Facilitates faster reactions and intense shots, given its light weight
  • Light in weight for easier portability and storage


  • It requires a little bit of more time to adopt to use, especially for beginners



Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft

If there any lacrosse shaft that achieves an incredible balance between strength and weight, it is the Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft.  This means you can go about any angle motion of your strike on the ball, with minimal destructions.

With this shaft, you are assured of high performance and dependable durability for the right reasons of the game. I love the amazing graphics it comes along with, they are eye catching.

You don’t want a handle that is slippery and comes off quickly; this could result in a poor catch, cradle, and even passing the ball. This could end up affecting your performance.For this reason, it is intelligently crafted with a 6000 series handle, perfect for that very crucial firm grip.


  • Has great weight for the right feel
  • Stable grip more suited for reliable reactions
  • Long lasting shaft
  • Embraces a fine finish


  • For a newbie, it might feel soft at start




Maverik Lacrosse Range Attack Shaft

You happen to be the experienced lacrosse player or the intermediate one?  I suggest you get yourself this shaft. It assumes the right traditional shape for the best development of skills and tactics.

For more versatile and dependable intense reaction during the quick action of the game, you can count on its lightweight, thanks to its portability.

You will also have a body construction made of the durable alloy. Meaning you stand a chance for more strength of the shaft about its weight.


  • Comes with  increased grip for best tackles
  • More suited for the intermediate  and experienced level players
  • Expect longevity with less replacement costs
  • Reliable body construction made of alloy
  • Great texture grip


  • Doesn’t come with a variety of so many colors




Maverik Lacrosse Mission Attack Shaft

If there is any lacrosse shaft that strikes a better balance between weight and strength, is the Maverik Lacrosse Mission Attack Shaft. You will have this incredible piece in a scandium alloy body construction. This is a dedicated emphasis on durability for the right reasons.

I just happen to like the fine finish of this shaft. It brings out that natural feel, a shaft that commands better grip. You don’t want a shaft, whichever positions you take in the field that slips off your hand when scooping the ball off the opponent, as you move into fast action to achieve high performance.

You will find its but-end well-adjusted along the handle to provide you the best convenience while playing. This ensures you adapt to new skills and techniques of the game are enhanced.


  • Embraces a tighten down and tape for a surely fitted design
  • Strong  for durability
  • Has better gripping
  • Comes in convenient weight for best reactions


  • Some people don’t find the colors available impressive




STX Lacrosse Stallion 7000 Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

If you are an intermediate player, this shaft is perfect for you. This is because the ball is well crafted to handle the ball much way easily as you practice and learn your new skills.

It comes with a mild sandblast finish, in a concave octagon shape. This enables it to provide you the most reliable grip on its handle.

I like the fact that, the STX Lacrosse Stallion 7000 Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft is one sturdy shaft that will provide you the strength you need, in striking the ball around the field confidently. This an ultimate value for your dollar, all combined into one perfected shaft. If durability is your primary concern, you have this shaft made of an alloy, thanks to its mild sandblast finish.


  • A durable alloy made shaft
  • Has enhanced strength for stable striking
  • Enhanced by one fine, impressive finish
  • Embraces a reliable grip for best handling


  • It can be pricier given its high quality



Warrior Dolo Diamond Rabil Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

I love the fact that this shaft is lightweight given it is made by Titanium; players will find it an excellent choice for flexible handle motions.

Throw and strike the ball with great 360- degree capability more quickly, thanks to this shaft. This is a very dependable amount of friction of shaft handling.

The handle is a Krypto Pro handle made of diamond, a reliable make that will not disappoint. A body construction that is enhanced for balanced weight relativity to strength is achieved, courtesy of an Altium Alloy used in the Dolomite series on this lacrosse shaft.


  •  An alloy made construction strong for more durability
  • Enhanced for great handling
  • Enhances flexible hand motions fast reactions to the ball
  • Light in weight fast speed reactions.


  • It is a high-quality model, so some find it a little bit pricier



Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Shaft

The Maverik Lacrosse Wonderboy Attack Shaft boasts high strength and solid body construction, thanks to its aluminum/ titanium alloy make. This will save you replacements costs in the long run too.

Professionals, coaches and ardent players of the game interested in long lasting lacrosse shafts, go for this model. You will be on an upper hand into a lighter shaft. This is intended to bring you’re a fast hand experience on quick ball scoops while applying your best tricks.

Be thrilled by the graphics of this high-performance shaft. The shaft allows you to have a feel of comfortable grip for more firm action and swipes while playing, thanks to its teardrop shape.


  • Embraces brilliant soft rubberized finish
  • Handle remains temperate in all the weather conditions
  •  Assumes a great maverick shape
  • The construction is an alloy made for durability


  • For newbies into lacrosse shaft, it might feel a little bit heavier at start



STX Lacrosse Women’s Propel Replacement Lacrosse Shaft

My last favorite shaft is the composite made STX Lacrosse Women’s Propel Replacement Lacrosse Shaft.

With this shaft, you have a long lasting shaft to serve you. You never have to worry about its weight since it is very portable, more suited for those players who want to learn new tricks and ways to play the game faster, with fewer hitches.

I like its handle because it is a soft rubberized finish, so you are assured of stable gripping for quicker hand reaction and reliable stability.


  • The handle can stay temperate in all weather conditions
  • Has a stable grip thanks to its teardrop shape
  • It is a quality body construction
  • Strong and durable


  • Seasoned players will find it not so up to the task for advanced skills development



Things To Consider When Buying The Best Lacrosse Shafts

Choosing the right lacrosse shaft can be more of a personal suit that even what your coach wants for the team. It is what undertakes the shot is the most classic manner, complimenting your style and skills, plus those very tactical approaches. These tips are essential to the right shaft.

 Weight Of Your Shaft

You stand a better chance to perform well at the attacking position if you have a lighter pole or shaft. This implies you have more flexible hand motions, able to maneuver through the field to make that quick smart pass through the goalie and score.

A more strong stick is vital for keen blocking and more resilient defense, as an offensive player, go for a heavier shaft. Some prefer aluminum or titanium alloy shafts because they also tend to be stronger and more durable.

Your Experience

For newbies into lacrosse, a shaft with a larger neck could be more appropriate that used by more seasoned players in the game. That means they stand a chance to catch the ball easier, as they develop their skills.

Length Of Stick

Given you have an idea of the style of the game; there is the defense and striking need to play the game effectively. So, you would require a longer stick if you would be defending and a quite relatively short one if you will be attacking in the field.

Therefore, it’s imperative to know your position. That can be up to 72-inches and 42-inches respectively, but the team or individual specifications can also differ from one to another.

Technological Necessities

How about a lacrosse head that with a more emphasized technology, that detects when there is a catch or shoot off the ball? That means you can realize a quicker feel of the ball for that very vital move. It boosts your skills too and techniques of playing.

Lacrosse Head

Your experience is essential to identifying the right head for your lacrosse shaft. Beginners would be more suited with a wider-faced head for improved catching of the ball. Consider getting to a softer mesh of the head for minimal off-bounces for the best cradling.  A complete stick could turn out to be good in getting the ball, more especially if they have a flattering scoop.

Are you an experienced middle player?  You can opt to try out quite some types, head shapes and check out the one that achieves more passes, shots for accurate ball picking.

The easier it is for you, the better. For the seasoned players, your skills could be much better, so if you get a more rounded scoop, it will do you just fine. You are experienced in handling your shaft anyway.

Final Words

Don’t buy necessarily into the coolest lacrosse shaft amongst you fellow players but go for one that suits your style of play, the position of playing in the field and the skills or techniques that you intend to adopt to enhance you ultimate performance.

You are spoilt for choice if you go any of the incredible shafts. If your primary concern is to improve the versatility of play, I suggest you upgrade to these best lacrosse shaft. Griddling and shaft maneuvering has never been any better.

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