Best RV Cover reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide – Get to Know

Best RV Cover reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide – Get to Know

What do you want to do in the next summer vacation? Wanna fly in different places with your favorite Best RV cover ? Wanna be the king on the road? You can if you have an RV with you. But what will you do after the vacation is over? I know you will rejoin your work. I am not asking that. What will you do with your RV? You will keep it in the garage for a long time. Yeah, an RV is actually this kind of vehicle. But it is an expensive one. So, you have to keep it in your garage with great care. Not all of us have the affordability to purchase an RV twice a year. In order to keep your RV in a decent and sound condition, you must have to have RV cover.

If you have an RV, there is no exception then to purchase a good RV cover. That’s why today I am here to discuss the best RV covers of 2017. You will realize what to pick and what to avoid. However, we have also a buying guide included. Don’t hesitate to read that as well. Let’s start:

Best RV Cover Reviews: Our Top Pick

A question already raised in your mind why our list is special? We made this after a profound research. That’s why. We visited the local market physically, consult with experts, and read thousands of reviews on the Amazon. The entire process takes up to a month. We didn’t compromise a bit while making this list. So, read the best RV cover reviews right now and pick whatever suits you.

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

When it’s ADCO an explanation isn’t necessary. In car accessories industry they are one of the giants. They have a huge reputation all over the world for their fantastic quality products at a reasonable price range. This ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover is one of their finest inventions. It comes with triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel and triple layer polypropylene sides. It is made to withstand against climates with the highest moisture. This cover will keep your RV secure from all the harmful elements. Even it will protect your vehicle from UV rays. The installation system is easy and it has zipper entry doors for easy access as well. The price is not prohibitive.

Key Features:

  • Size: 381’’ x 104’’ x 102’’
  • Made for moderate climates and high moisture
  • Has triple layer SFS AquaShed panel
  • Polypropylene sides
  • Made of extra adhesive reinforcement material

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover or Toy Hauler Cover

What to say about Classic Accessories? It is another amazing brand represents the car industry. This Classic Accessories OverDrive Travel Trailer Cover is one of the best RV covers today because of many reasons. This cover can fit travel trailers and toy haulers up to 24 inches to 27 inches long with 118 inches high from the ground. It comes with adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners that assure custom fit and perfect ventilation system. Therefore, it can withstand heavy rain, snowfall, and even harmful UV rays.

Key features:

  • Size: 26 x 25 x 17 inches
  • Adjustable Front and rear tension panels
  • Elasticized hem corners
  • Comes with Triple-ply PolyPRO 3
  • Zippered panels for easy access
  • Affordable

Camco 45752 28′ ULTRAGuard 5th Wheel Cover (126″HF x 114″HR x 102″W)

Need maximum protection against rain and snowfall? Have a look on the Comco 45752 ULTRAGuard 5th Wheel Cover. It is the ultimate choice for you on that note. This one comes with triple layer SFS top panel beads that assure the maximum security. Therefore, it also has heavy duty polypropylene fabric around the sides that assures the durability. Therefore, this cover fits 28 inches of fifth wheel RV perfectly. The price is also reasonable for its class. Pick before the stock turns out.

Key features:

  • Size: 126″HF x 114″HR x 102″W
  • Perfect for cold and snowy areas
  • Triple Layer SFS top panel beads
  • Offers maximum resistance to rainfall and snow
  • Zipper integrated
  • Heavy duty construction

Komo Covers Waterproof Travel Trailer/RV Cover, Super-Duty, 30-33 feet

Are you looking for the best RV covers for all the seasons? We have the Komo Covers Travel Trailer/ RV Cover in this case. It is the complete solution for all the seasons. This cover is heavy duty and waterproof. Besides, it keeps the RV safe from harmful dirt, scratches, UV rays, bird droppings, and any other harmful things. Installation is easy and it fits perfectly on an RV. The construction is heavy duty with durable 300D woven fabric. Therefore, it also has a proper ventilation system. Above all, it is a good product in such price range. You can pick without any hesitation.

Key features:

  • Size: 33.1 x 20.9 x 19.1 inches
  • Made of woven 300D fabric
  • Has multiple air vents
  • Zippered panels on each side
  • Has multiple draw cords
  • Ensures perfect fit

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Extra Tall 5th Wheel Cover or Toy Hauler Cover

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Hauler Cover is another fantastic addition in our best RV cover article. It fits in 37 inches to 41 inch RVs completely. It is a 5th wheel cover. The ventilation system is amazing as well. It is made with Triple-Ply Poly fabric. That’s why it is durable and keep the RV secure from rain and snow. Besides, it also keeps the RV safe from harmful UV rays, dirt, and debris. Overall it is a good product at an inexpensive price range. Pick before the stock turns out.

Key features:

  • Size: 102 x 126 inches
  • 5th wheel cover that fits up to 37 to 41 inches
  • Zipper panels for easy access
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels included
  • Ensures all season protection

Classic Accessories OverDrive (80-186-181001-00) PermaPRO Deluxe Water Repellent RV Cover

In RV Cover industry Classic Accessories are the crownless king! They are providing tremendous quality products for years. This brand is unbeatable. That’s the reason we enlisted lots of Classic Accessories to cover in our best RV Cover article. However, this Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO Deluxe Water Repellent RV Cover is another fascination addition with extra-large size. It is constructed with high-quality materials for durability and security. The cover is strong yet lightweight. It keeps protection against water, snow, sun rays, dirt, debris and so on. The price is not prohibitive as well.

Key features:

  • Size: 498 x 102 x 126 inches
  • 5th wheel cover that fits 140 inch high roof from the ground
  • Air vent system
  • Lightweight
  • Zippered panels included

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits 27′-30′ Trailer Camper 3 Layer

The Leader Accessories RV Cover is the last but not the least option in our best RV cover article. It fits in 27 inches to 30 inches of RVs completely. The cover is made of premium quality materials. Roof top of the cover is made of triple ply fabric and sides are made of single ply fabric. It keeps the RV secure from rain, snow, dirt, mildew, bird droppings and so on. It has adjustable front and rear tension panel included with elasticized hem corners for a custom fit. It also has air vent system included. Therefore, it also has multiple zippered panels to enter the door and engine areas easily. You can pick this one without any tension.

Key features:

  • Size: 366inches x L102 inches x 104 inches
  • Fits in 27 to 30 inches RVs
  • Premium quality triple ply top single ply sides
  • Has adjustable front and rear tension panels
  • Comes with multiple zippered panels
  • Air vent system

That’s so far the best RV Covers of today. The quality, materials, and performance of those above products are justified by various experts. You can pick one with closed eyes. But before you open your wallet, I am suggesting you read the buying guide below.


Buying Guide for Best RV Cover

You may be wondering, after all, it’s just a piece of cloth! But wait a minute it’s not. It’s the ultimate protection system of your favorite RV. A good RV cover can keep your RV secure from all harmful elements including rain, snow, dirt, debris, sudden hit and so on. But in order to get the highest benefit from a cover, you need to pick the right one.

But lots of people are making and selling RV covers. Among those how do you realize which one is right for you? Therefore, you have to spend some dollars as well. Now, who wants to ruin their dollars in vein? Nobody, I guess.

That’s why it is important to judge before you buy. Now, how can you judge, you are not an expert? In this scenario, this section will help you a lot. You may not like your list. It can happen. Human has different choice level. But read this portion with care, no matter from which source you pick, you will not be cheated.

Consider Materials

The material is the most important factor to consider. You have to select the material by judging the weather of your side. I mean, if you live in a cold country where temperate stays mostly beyond the zero degrees, you have to think about the snowfall. You have to pick an RV cover that is made to withstand against the snow. If you live in a sunny area you have to consider whether the material of the RV cover can protect against UV rays or not. RV covers of some well-known brands are made with premium quality polypropylene fabric or polyester materials. Polypropylene fabric and polyester are durable. But there are some duplicate products that are made of cheap quality polypropylene or polyester. You have to stay away from those.

Think about the Size

RV cars have different sizes and shapes. You have to choose a cover according to the size of your RV. The product must cover the entire RV. However, from the online market, you can see the exact measurement of the cover you are looking for. That’s why it is better to pick an RV cover from the online market. But you can visit the local shops as well. The wish is yours.

How many Layers are there

It is the layer that will say how much protective the cover is! The more layer the cover has the more protective it will be. The strength of an RV cover totally depends on the layers. Most of the best RV covers mostly has 3 layers. Some others even have more. But to pick an RV cover with more layers, you have to spend few bucks more.

Protection ability

You have to look on the protection ability of the cover as well. If you live in an area where rain is common, you have to pick an RV cover that is completely waterproof. If you live in a cold country, your RV cover must withstand against the snow. If you live in a sunny area you have to select a cover that protects against harmful UV rays.

Additional Features

You have to consider some additional features as well. A good RV cover must have sturdy straps that can keep it secure. Besides, the ventilation system must be good as well. Otherwise, it will not withstand heavy winds. Also, some of the covers have zipper system included for easy access. You have to consider those factors properly. Those may not must need but definitely worth it!


The cost of an RV cover is not that high. You will get one of the best RV covers within an inexpensive price range. But some of the RV covers from reputed brands are a bit costly because of their premium quality. If you need a good RV cover you have to go with a reputed brand. Therefore, it is said that you will get what you pay for. So, pay wisely.

RV Cover Brands:

There are several brands you can trust completely. At this time ADCO, Classic Accessories, Summates are the most recognized brand in RV cover industry. They are popular because of their outstanding quality and premium quality customer service.  You can pick one from those brands. Their product will keep your RV in a secure condition no matter hlifeow pathetic the weather is! Though you have to spend a bit more money for that. But consider it as an investment!


Are RV cover is a good idea?

If you want to store your RV outside of your home an RV Cover is not good it is the best idea. RV is an expensive vehicle. You have to keep it secure from dirt, debris, water, rain drops, snow, UV rays and so on. In that case, a good RV cover is mandatory.

Are RV covers worth it?

Definitely! You will not use your RV throughout the year! You have to store it someday. Besides, people usually store RV on the outside where it can get touched with leaves, debris, dust and so on. A good RV cover can keep your RV secure from those harmful things. So, an RV cover is certainly worth it.

Are RV covers are waterproof?

Most of the RV covers today are waterproof. If you are living in an area where rain is a common scenario, a waterproof RV cover is mandatory.

Are RV tire covers necessary?

RV cover can cover up the whole body of the RV. But it can’t keep the tire secure properly. That’s why RV tire covers are also necessary. Don’t worry the price is very inexpensive.

Who makes the best RV cover?

To me, ADCO, Classic Accessories, and Summates are the best RV cover brands at present. Their products are made with high-quality materials and their aim is to satisfy the customers.

Which RV cover is the best?

It is quite impossible to say which one is the best RV cover. We discussed 7 amazing covers of the present time. All of those are best in their own class. You can pick any of those without any hesitation.


Final Words

That’s the end of our story today. I already provide you some of the best RV cover reviews and a helpful buying guide. I hope by now you are an expert regarding this stuff. The game is now on your side. You have to decide which one is worth for your RV and which one should be avoided completely.

However, there are some duplicates available in the market. Those are made of crap materials and offers a cheap performance. Those products are inexpensive by the way. But if you pick one of those, you have to regret. Even if it costs a bit more but pick one of the good RV covers from a recognized brand.

If you have anything to ask regarding RV covers feel free to state with us. Also, provide you opinion about our  rich and posh website. You are the soul of our community and we are always here to know your view. We will meet again soon with lots of other effective product reviews and essential tips. Till then:

Stay connected.

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