Choose The Correct Mattress For A Sound Sleep

Choose The Correct Mattress For A Sound Sleep

Choosing the perfect mattress for your body can seem to be a daunting task, but it is utmost crucial for maintaining a correct body posture. But, you need not to lose your sleep over picking up the right mattress for you. Follow this simple mattress guide to help you make this decision easier and accessible.

The Age Of Your Mattress:

It’s very important to know how old is your mattress, as this can play an important role in choosing the new one. The average life of a mattress should be 8 years and after that it is should be considered to replace it with a new one. However, it’s not applied to every type of mattress; it may also depend on the quality and usage of the mattress. Still, it’s recommended if your mattresses age is above 8 years, you must consider buying a new one.

The Budget:

Never forget to consider your budget while planning to buy a new mattress pair. Just a few years ago, the only option available for consumer was to go directly to the store. But, with the advent of online shopping, customer can easily choose from a variety of options available at a fair price and quality. With this, customers are able to choose the perfect mattress with a modest budget to get a great mattress that lets you SleepLikeTheDead.Xyz.

Firmness of the Mattress:

Most of the buyers are confused with choosing for the firmness of the mattress. The firmness is basically the feel of the mattress; how hard or soft it is. However, the feel and firmness of the mattress is highly subjective and depends on the body type, weight, size and other such factors. Don’t get confused between firmness and support of the mattress. Always buy a mattress blog which offers good support that can keep your spine in proper alignment with the body, without creating pressure points and pain.

Your Position of Sleep:

This may sound weird that how your sleeping positions can affect in choosing the perfect mattress for you. But yes, it does play an important role in determining the correct suitable mattress for a sound sleep. If you are a side sleeper, you should opt for a soft to medium level firmness with 3-6 out of 10 in firmness level, where 10 is the most firm. Also, if you are back sleeper, firmness and support should be crucial to you. A mattress that is too soft can create pressure points and back pain for not providing the enough support to the back and spine. For back sleepers, buying a mattress with 4-7 firmness level is recommended.

Type of Mattress:

Its utmost important to know which type of mattress will support your body structure and sleeping patterns. With new advancements and developments, there are numerous varieties of mattresses available to choose from in the market.

The options available are:

Hybrid:This is made as a combination of latex, coils, foam and other such materials.

Best for: great support, bounce, comfort and cooling.

Latex: Made exclusively from latex foam

Best for: Great responsiveness, cooling, bounce & support.

Coils: Is one of the most common and widely used mattresses. It is made with one or more layers of spring coils that helps provide support and comfort to the back & body.

Best for: Sleepers who are looking for great bounce, excellent spring feel, cooling effect and an edge support.

There are some other important points that you should consider while buying a mattress like your weight and body structure. If you yearn for a peaceful sleep and want to sleep like the dead, then you must buy mattresses, keeping in mind the above tips.


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