Garmin index Smart Scale Reviews

Garmin index Smart Scale Reviews

Controlling the weight now has become a major cause of many fetal diseases. To control weight not only people should monitor or observe weight but also make a goal to reach targeted weight. Measuring and maintaining are a totally different thing for losing weight.

Someone must need an instructor to give advice. But it is not affordable for all. Germin brought a mind-blowing smart device for them. Germin index smart scale is specially designed for that kind of people who wants a healthy and fit body. It is very much effective for the people with overweight.


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Why Germin index smart scale is better than others?

It is not just made to measure body weight but also measure the body fat, water percentage, body mass index etc. But a regular scale cannot do those job .it has been designed so smartly for the user of a new age. Someone can easily connect the device with WIFI and make a connection with the internet to get more advice from trainers.

People can easily use the device because it is designed to user-friendly. Smartphones also can be connected to the device to keep a record. This device can recognize the individual person and can show their improvement to achieve their dream targeted goal of weight.


In the following Garmin index Smart Scale Reviews, you will get a description of it.


Garmin Index can measures in kg, lbs. quite simplistically for everybody.

User-Friendly Setup

Quick and easy setup using your smartphone, WPS-enabled Wi-Fi router or a Garmin USB ANT Stick. Sticks are sold separately.Garmin Smart Scale

Smart Connection

Step on the scale and Garmin Index is able to recognize the specific user and automatically upload data to that user’s Garmin Connect account.

Extra Large & Night readable Display

Garmin Index smart scale displays bright, extra-large numbers against a black background, allowing easy visibility.

Multiple User

It allows Wireless synchronization with up to 16 different Garmin Connect accounts.

Less Power Consumption

It works only with AA battery.That made it so much power consuming

Technical Details

  • Color: Black | Size: One Size
  • Brand Name: Garmin
  • Model Number: 010-01591-00
  • Display Size: 4 inches
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 12.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Map Type: north-America

Product Description

Garmin index Smart Scale - Black

>> Check Price and Customer Feedback on Amazon >>

Step up to a healthier you with Garmin Index smart scale, the connected1 scale with metrics that matter. It can Measures weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water percentage, and muscle mass and bone mass individually. Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data to our free Garmin Connect online fitness community.

At or in the Garmin Connect Mobile app, you can see your data in more detail and review your progress against your goals. Up to 16 people can be recognized by Garmin Index and have their body composition metrics automatically uploaded directly to their own Garmin Connect accounts to monitor individual user’s improvement.

Don’t be late after seeing the Garmin index Smart Scale Reviews because your extra weight one day will fall into the death hole. Get one today for a gift your dearest one the save his or her life. So get it now and start from today to control your weight. Be healthy and be happy.

Thank you.

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