ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Are you thinking about buying a Bluetooth speaker for your home? Then get lucky with ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker. Remaster your sense of music with this thrilling-looking speaker. It’s the era of innovation and ICE has been pretty successful with the product of this speaker.

In the following ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker reviews, you’d get a full overview of it including the technical details, functionalities, features ad many more.

ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker

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What’s so special in ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker?

The maker of this Bluetooth speaker was once asked to describe this amazing device in 3 words. The director just said, “Your Music remastered”. Extraordinary, isn’t it? It’s a total combination of beauty and power. To be very frank, you can rarely find such product which is so innovatively design and yet so circumspect in form factor and functionality.

It’s something that complements the ever-growing lifestyle of young minds. Though the current article is about offering ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker reviews, we’re not afraid to praise it for everything it offers to a user.

Leverage your living room and break all the conventional method of listening music with the ICE Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. With that floating innovation, the future of speaker industry has taken a big leap. It’s something more than imagination, and more that expectation. Let’s check out the following ICEORB Speaker Reviews.

ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Technical DetailsCEORB Portable Wireless Floating

  • Brand: ICE
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Floating & Spinning Orb Speaker over magnetic base
  • Specially designed sound guide cone
  • Increased 3D surround effect
  • Float in the air above 10mm over the ground
  • NFC is built-in

Functions and Features

It’s time to go through the full frontier description of all the functionalities of ICE ORB Speaker in order to comprehend what it does and how it performs actually.

The Magnificent Orb

Among all the characteristics described here in the ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker Reviews, that gravity eluding globe is the most prominent prove of how beautifully designed device it is. It’s a complete mixture of sheer innovation and art of absolute perfection. The rotating sphere is equipped with a top quality speaker that allows you to play music at high volume with any minor imbalance of noise. The magnetic base doesn’t alter the music quality and leaves you with an astounding music experience. When the orb spins, the base of sound doesn’t get altered at all. In addition, you can use the Orb only as a portable Bluetooth speaker without carrying the base.

A Real Music Powerhouse

It’s a smart addition actually. Though the base it only 25mm sleek and let the Orb hangs beautifully in the air, you can also charge your smartphone or tablet by getting connected with the built-in USB port of the base. This way, you enjoy greater music and re-charge your mobile device. So, you get a speaker and charging doc at the same time. Pretty surprising, right?

NFC & BluetoothICEORB Floating Bluetooth

ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker offers several connectivity options like NFC & Bluetooth in order to ensure that not any of your smart devices stay left behind to pair with the ICE orb.

Immersive 360° Sound

When the Orb rates, it offers amazing 360° Sound and make sure that every audience in the surrounding gets the finest music all over.

Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism

If you think that device is all about beauty and innovation, you’re so wrong. The ICE Orb is endowed with 3rd generation Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism, which ensures the stability of the floating sphere with four blue signals.

Last of all, from the above described ICEORB Speaker Reviews, we can see ICE has done simple an extraordinary job. I believe you don’t want to miss the chance of getting all stylish with the floating speaker. Get yours before it’s too late.

Thank you.

>> Check Price and Customer Feedback on Amazon >>

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