What Do You Need To Play Lacrosse

What Do You Need To Play Lacrosse

Lacrosse is the oldest game in North America. It is one of the most popular and entertaining game at present in many Schools and Collages. It is a perfect example of physical exercise too. The purpose of the game is like football or hockey, the team with most goals will win!

Lacrosse usually plays in 4rounds each round consist of 10 or 12 minutes and 2 minutes off the break in between. No doubt you already learn all those rules I just remind you a bit.

If you are interested in playing lacrosse you need to know some equipment which is essential to play lacrosse. Let’s see at a glance what you have to require playing lacrosse.

List of Equipment Needed for Lacrosse

Both men and women can play lacrosse game you already know that! As the game is same so the equipment is mostly similar! There is a little difference too.

Though the game is fun but somehow you have to consider the fact of your safety too. This game can be dangerous for you without the right equipment.

Therefore, some equipment is similar for both men and women lacrosse game and also there is some different too. Actually, in women’s game any kind of internal contact of body and head is strongly prohibited where in male game internal contact is allowed. That’s the major reason as some equipment varies in women’s and men’s game.


Let’s see which equipment are required for males and females lacrosse game, which one is common and which are not.

Lacrosse Stick/Crosse

Without a Lacrosse stick that is also known as Crosse, you can’t play the game lacrosse. It is a must for this game. Usually, a Crosse is made of wood, synthetic material or laminated wood.

In males game the size of a Crosse varies according to player’s position. Forward line and midfield players usually use smaller sized Crosse for faster movement. Usually, they use a stick that is 40 to 42 inches of size. A defender uses larger Crosses of about 52 to 72 inches. A goalie needs a medium sized Crosse of about 40 inches.

 However, the usual size of women Crosse is 36 to 44 inches. Defenders usually use 43-44 inches and attacker and midfielders use 36 inches.

The head of the lacrosse stick must be 6.5 to 10 inch wide where a goalie needs 10 to 12-inch wide stick head.

The major difference of men’s and women’s lacrosse is that, in women’s lacrosse stick, no pocket is allowed while in men’s stick the deeper pocket the better it is!

While going to purchase a Crosse try to grab the best lacrosse stick for better performance and durability.


Can you imagine a lacrosse match without a ball? LOL! Jokes apart, a ball is another must needed equipment for the lacrosse game. A lacrosse ball should be made with solid rubber and the color of the ball can be yellow, white or orange.

All lacrosse balls must have to approve by National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). The standard size of a Lacrosse Ball is 7.75 to 8 inches in circumference and the weight must be in between 5 to 5.25 ounces.

For both men’s and women’s lacrosse, measurements of balls are same but women’s lacrosse ball must be smooth and made with visible color.



 A helmet can be a life saver. It can save your head and face from sudden hit! However, a helmet also has to be approved by NOCSAE.

Helmet for lacrosse includes a face mask, chin pad and a cupped four point chin strip zipped to all four hookups. Every player must have to wear the best helmet for their safety. The helmet is required for male’s game only.

As in women’s lacrosse, no internal body and head contact are allowed so they don’t need to wear any hard helmet like men. Even hard helmets can increase the chance of their injuries.

Women’s can use soft head gear and nose guard with eyewear for their safety. But women goalkeeper have to use a better helmet.

Mouth Guard

Both Men’s and Women’s lacrosse game required mouth guard for the safety of their teeth. The highly visible color is mandatory with proper quality. Every player must have to use a mouth guard.  


Lacrosse pads are another essential thing which can save you from hard shots, checks, pokes and other sudden contacts in the field. Usually, lacrosse pads are lightweight and made for giving you some extra speed and ability. However, for proper protection chest pad, shoulder pads, rib pads, elbow pads are needed.

However, in women lacrosse, all players don’t have to wear different pads but the goalkeeper needs separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouth piece, and chest pads even if she wants she can use elbow and shoulder pads too.


In males game, all player must have to wear gloves while in women’s game it’s their choice. Women can wear if they like too or the can ignore it. While going to buy the pair of gloves consider that you may have to use gloves for a long while and it will help your grip. So don’t go for the cheap pair of gloves with poor materials. Try the best gloves available in the market.

Lacrosse Shoe

The best pair of shoes can easily speed you up. Speed is essential in the lacrosse game for both men and women. Also, best pair of lacrosse shoes can protect your feet from any kind of injuries. Shoes are the must.

Lacrosse is an amazing game with lots of excitement and fun. There is no need to be worried! Just a little concentration and proper safety equipment can be all. Play and be a pro but stay safe.

Good Luck !!

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