Most popular dart games : Types of Dart Games

Most popular dart games : Types of Dart Games

In a snowy day when you are passing a boring time or on the weekend you have nothing to do; well you can call some friends and start playing a dart championship with some snacks, wine and music! It will change the entire environment fun!

Dart is one of the friendliest indoor competitive game! No doubt, it is fun. People who love to play indoor games surely tried dart at least once at home.

Popular Types of Dart Games

There are various types of rules and games available for this game. Today, I am here to discuss some of the most popular types of dart games. Let’s have a look and learn to bring different types of challenge in the dartboard.

Standard 701,501,301 Dart Games

This is the most common and popular dart game format. Usually, people start their dart game career with this format. You have to have some good skill to win this game. The rules are simple; you have to start with the score of 701 or 501 or 301 and the player who arrives in zero first will win the game. The game can start with straight in or double in style. In straight in format first player have to hit 3 darts and score as much as possible. And in the double in a format, the first player have to hit a double to start counting his score. If the player can’t score double his score will not open. However, the game can end with straight out format where the person who comes zero first will win or with double out format the player have to score a double that makes score exact zero.

Around the clock Dart Games

This is another most popular dart game, yet it is the simplest format of dart game. Only two players can play this game at a time. The object is simple you have to score in order. For example, the first player has to score 1 in his 3 darts then 2, 3 and so on. Then the second player has to score in the same way. No strategy needed, no scoring needed.

180 Degree Around the Clock Dart Game

It is a simple and effective style to improve your dart skill. You have to use the entire dart board for this game. Many people use this style to develop their throwing skill. It is also known as warm up game. In this style, you have to hit 3 darts in each number for the treble. A single hit score 1 points and a treble score 3 points. You can score 9 at most in each round. Also, you can’t move to the next number until you hit the treble of that number. A double also scores 1. You have to continue around the dart board until you finished all the 20 number. If you can score 3 trebles on each and every throw then you can score 180! That’s why its 180 around the clock dart game. This one is ideal for playing alone.

Steeplechase Dart Game

You can play this game with any amount of players. The main purpose of this game is to hit the wedge between the bull’s-eye and the triples ring. If darts hit outside the triple line, it will not count. The game starts with 20 and going clockwise direction. You have to hit all the number in order. If you hit any number at your 1st throw, you don’t have need to throw the next two. The moment you hit your targeted number your round is over. Then wait for next number. If you play in jump the ‘fences’ style the rules are bit different. 6, 3 and 11 are located as fences. You have to score a triple to pass the fences. A have to jump a fence that comes in your way in 9 throws otherwise, you are eliminated!

Cricket Dart Games

Cricket format dart game is challenging. It can be played in a traditional dart board. You have to use 20, 19, 18,17,16,15 number and bull’s-eye for cricket. The purpose of the cricket game is to close all your numbers by hitting three of that number. When a player scores three of a number, it is ‘owned’ by that player and he can score on this number until the opposing player or team have ‘closed’ it. It can be played in teams too. However, this is one of the most popular formats in America.

Rules for Sudden Death

This is one of the fastest moving dart games that can be played with a huge number of players. If you play sudden death with less than 6 players, it can be finished in two minutes. It is knockout system dart game. One player will eliminate after every round. Obviously, the person with the lowest score will eliminate. The very last person will win the match. You don’t have to keep any score sheet.

Other Popular Dart Games

A list of some other format Dart Games you can also play.

You can also go for:

  • Baseball dart game
  • Golf Dart games
  • Mulligan
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Blind Killers
  • Broad Jump
  • Bullseye Baseball
  • Call Three
  • Castle
  • Checkout
  • Diddle For Middle
  • Fifty-One in 5’s


Those are the most common format of dart games that you can play in your home or bring into a party to change the mood. However, throw the dart for fun and enjoyment.

The major part of a dart game is the focus. Focus on your target and hit on the board. Who knows, a Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is lying inside you!

Good Luck!

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